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Nhà cung cấp dịch vụ truyền hình cáp HTVC

Nhà cung cấp dịch vụ truyền hình cáp HTVC

Nhà cung cấp dịch vụ truyền hình cáp HTVC

  HTVC's General Information

Ho Chi Minh Television Choice Center


Ho Chi Minh City Choice Center (HTVC) was established on July 1 st 2003. Its aim is to meet the city people?s need of enjoying multicultural products. It supplies many kinds of international and domestic TV programs transmitted using the most modern technology.

There are more than 40 international and domestic TV programs on HTVC and more than 20 programs of those are free of charge. The others specialize in films, music, sports, world news, children, general entertainment, exploration, educational science, etc.? These programs will be transmitted to household on digital technology by cable or wireless system depending on the areas.

Besides, customers will enjoy other services on HTVC such as video-on-demand, high-speed access to the web site , and TV games on the internet.

Our address:


9 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel : 84 ? 8 ? 9104746; Fax : 84 ? 8 ? 9102367


Customer service center:

Our customer service center will bring to you all of what you need in cable TV, such as:

-          Delivering a schedule of cable TV programs.

-          Delivering registration forms.

-          Informing HTVC agencies? address.

-          Giving advice on registration procedures, subscription fees, cable installation at home.

-          Receiving registration on telephone and by internet.

-          Introducing additional services.

-          Supplying set-top boxes, magnetic cards

-          Guidance for use of equipment and maintenance.

-          Repairing cable and other electronic equipment.

Programs on HTVC:

  - Domestic programs:

i. HTVC special programs:

                  1. HTVC (Pure Vietnamese channel) : is an entertainment channel for all Vietnamese people, specialized for women and Vietnamese abroad. It includes films, music, cultural programs and documentary films on Viet Nam.


2. HTVC - Music : It is for all music lovers. It introduces popular songs and bands. If you wish to be a singer, you can send your own disks to join ?The-most-impressive-video? contest on this channel. Don?t miss it !

                  3. HTVC - Film : All film fans won?t want to miss any of the wonderful films on this channel. There are action, adventure, sentimental, social films with all movie stars.


4. HTV3 (Children?s channel) : It brings the whole colorful activities of cartoons, puppet-shows, circus, special musical programs to the television screen.

                  5. HTV4 (Scientific and Educational channel) : Let?s explore our world. It uncovers secret and marvelous things around us. All knowledge of health, science, family activities, ? is on this channel. Besides, you can study foreign languages (English, French, Chinese, Japanese) on this channel as well.

                           ii. General programs: All general TV programs such as HTV7, HTV9, VTV1, VTV3, BDTV1, BDTV3, LA, DN1, DN2, ?can also be found on cable TV of HTVC.

  - International programs:

         Films: You will be going along with international movies on Star Movies, TCM, AXN,? These are channels introducing top movies of all famous film producers. You can find all well-known films here, from classics to the most modern ones.


Music: Young and exciting music channels such as VH1, Channel V,? will bring you all information about singers, bands and artists in the world.


         Sports: All events like World Cup, Euro Cups, Olympic games, ? are there for you to enjoy.

         News: All latest news in the world up-dated by CNN, BBC, Fox News, CNBC,? will inform you of all international events.



Children: Let kids travel into a kingdom of cartoons with all their favorite characters: Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, Bambi Deer, Pooh Bear, Pluto Dog,?. Don?t miss this on Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Animax, Boomerang, Play House Disney channels.

         General entertainment: Let?s enjoy special programs on Star World, Reality, NHK World Premium... They will never let you down!          vii. Explorer, Educational science: Come and join us to explore the earth, stars. Study all about our Universe on Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery Travel and Living, Adventure 1...

Web site:

Website supplies information and programs produced by HTV by multimedia. Though it is quite new but has been highly appreciated by Alexa (evaluating and rating organization for all international websites).

  Beside its various entertainment, is also one of top suppliers delivering television service through the internet in VietNam. People can access into this website to know television program schedules, to watch video-on-demand, and especially to watch HTV programs anywhere in the world through the TV online. is preparing its big movement to serve the viewers more successfully in the nearest future.


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